A. Absolutely! Contact Cris at klaeding@msn.com for more information.


Q. can non-legion members dine at “the grill”?

A. Yes, “The Grill” is open Wed-Sat 5:00pm to 8:00pm for your dining pleasure. The first Sunday of each month “The Grill” offers a magnificent brunch from 9:00am to noon.


Q. how much are the annual dues for the american legion?

A. The current annual dues for American Legion Post 32 are $39.00. The Auxiliary, Legion Riders, and The Sons of the American Legion each have more-than-reasonable annual dues.


Q. aren’t the american legion and the vfw the same?

A. No. Although both are Veteran’s organizations each has unique qualifying membership requirements.


Q. isn’t the american legion just for old people?

A. Absolutely not! While many of our Legion members are of retirement age, many have careers, children, etc. Additionally, active duty personnel qualify for membership.


Q. I didn’t retire from the military, but was on active duty during one of the qualifying time periods. Am I eligible?

A. Yes, you are a veteran. As long as you have served at least one day of federal active duty during any of the qualifying periods, you are eligible for membership.